Fire investigations UK

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Re-elect IAAI Director Claire Mansi MIAAI IAAI-FIT IAAI-ECT FFireInv to continue to be your IAAI‘International’ Director for 2022 – 2025!

Commitments that I made to you during my successful 2019 election have been upheld and must continue for another 3-year term. Hold me to account and ask other Board members if I have been ‘your voice on the Board’ after reviewing my original video statement made in 2019 (below) My resolve to represent all our members during the governance of our great association, for another three-year term, remains even more determined. Please USE your vote and vote for me.


  • 23 years fire/arson field experience
  • 18 years with UK-AFI (previously the IAAI-UK)
  • 16 IAAI ATCs attended (2004-2019)
  • 17 years IAAI member
  • 9 years Arson Task Force–London Fire Brigade (UK)
  • 6 years Fire and Arson Victim Support Team (UK)
  • 8 Years FIT with Fire Investigations (UK) LLP
  • Board member of the Central European Association of Fire Investigators(IAAI Chapter 81)
  • IAAI EP & G Liaison Director and IAAI Membership Liaison Director

Continuing to commit to my promises to represent our members around the world I also supported the UK-AFI to become the UK’s ‘Professional Body’ for fire investigators and have also represented and/or promoted the IAAI in many European countries as well as Australia, South Africa, Oman and Chile.

An advocate in the UK for the IAAI-FIT and IAAI-ECT accreditations, I have always led by example. For a strong and challenging ‘International’ voice and representation on your International Board, vote CLAIRE MANSI in 2022!

Thank you.


Mobile: +44 (0)7427 686 636