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Partner Chris Clarke Features in The Independent

Since late October 2020, nine suspected gas explosions have taken the lives of four people and sadly injured a further 13 people – people who are friends, mothers, fathers and colleagues.

There’s a common misconception that all gas explosions are caused by issues with gas mains supply, gas cookers or boilers, but in fact, there’s a whole host of other contributing factors.

Our Partner, Chris Clarke, spoke to The Independent about other reasons which contribute to the sudden and devastating explosions.

Quoted in the article written by Journalist Adam Forrest, he said:

“Blasts inside people’s homes are not always caused by issues with gas mains supply, or gas cookers and boilers. A wide array of household devices can be to blame.

“Some are caused by gas cylinders used for portable heaters or barbecues. Some have been caused by the gas inside aerosol cans, like acrylic paints or cleaning products found in the cupboard. And some have been sparked by petrol, rather than gas.

“We’re surrounded by small devices that could explode in our homes. Some of the blasts initially suspected to be a gas explosion come from petrol vapours – it’s one of the most dangerous explosive things stored in people’s homes. Illegal drug labs are another potential cause of explosions. Several fires and gas explosions over the last decade have been caused by amateurs cooking up illicit substances.”

You can view the full article here