Fire investigations UK

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Chris Clarke


Chris has a Masters Degree in Fire Investigation, researching petrol vapour explosions initiated by electronic control devices.  A Certified Fire Investigator with the International Association of Arson Investigators and on the board of directors in the UK, Member of the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences and Graduate of the Institution of Fire Engineers.  Chris has attended and passed a two week Cause and Origin and Courtroom Techniques Course at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centre, Glenco, Georgia, USA.

With over 26 years of operational experience in the West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service

Chris has considerable experience, investigating or managing investigations into more than 60 fatal fires and over a thousand incidents to determine fire origin, cause and development.  Leading and managing a wide range of investigations, including multiple homicides and multi million pound financial loses. Trained both in the UK and by the US Federal Government, he is experienced in presenting evidence in the criminal and Coroners Courts. An accomplished trainer in the field of fire investigation, developing and presenting training packages to the Fire & Rescue Service, universities and senior police officers.