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Stuart Spence


Stuart has a Master of Science Degree in Fire Investigation and over 31 years’ experience with the Fire & Rescue Service, where he ultimately attained the post of Group Manager.  He was the lead investigator and Manager of Humberside Fire and Rescue Service’s Fire Investigation Team.  Having over 20 years’ experience of investigating fire and explosions, he was a founder member of the Yorkshire and Humberside Regional Fire Investigation Team.  Stuart has worked on a full range of fire and explosion investigations including fatal and multi-fatal incidents, commercial, domestic and industrial property, marine vessels and vehicles. He has provided written and verbal evidence in criminal cases in Crown Courts including murder cases; he has given evidence on numerous occasions in Coroners Courts and in civil proceedings. He became a graduate of the Institution of Fire Engineers [IFE] in 1989 and attained full Member status in 1995.

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