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John Galvin IAAI-CFI (Director of Training – Associate)

John Galvin BSc(Hons) IEng FIFireE MCSFS IAAI-CFI IAAI-ECT: John has a Bachelor of Science Degree, with Honours, in Technology and holds Diplomas in Design and Pollution Control. A Certified Fire Investigator with the International Association of Fire Investigators and a Member of the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences. John is also an Incorporated Engineer and a Fellow of the Institution of Fire Engineers. With over 30 years in the London Fire Brigade he gained experience and expertise in various departments including operations and training. A full time Fire Investigator since 1995, he has led the investigation on over 2000 fires (both accidental and deliberate), many of which were high profile and involved significant financial loss. He has investigated over 40 fatal fires, including those involving multiple fatalities and homicides. John has managed complex fire scenes including those of a forensically sensitive nature requiring the presentation of evidence relating to the origin and cause at the Central Criminal Court, Crown Court and Coroners Court.