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CAA Approved Drone Capability to Document Scenes

FI-UK and BRE nPhantom-2-+-H32Dow have the capability and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approval to fly a drone fitted with a High Definition camera to enable the recording of video and acquisition of still images of scenes that may be otherwise inaccessible or by significantly reducing the cost of obtaining equipment required to gain access.

Operated by a two-person team consisting of a BNUC-S licensed pilot with both theory and practical examination qualification and assisted by a trained and competent observer/camera operator, the drone has approximately 1 to 1½ hours total flying time to document a scene, building or complex of buildings, land space or any other structure.

Continual documentation of adequate flying hours must be presented each year to the CAA, in order to maintain the licenses.

Now, with two CAA qualified teams available, one based in London and the other in Leeds, a more complex scene could be documented utilising both teams for up to three hours of total flight time.

The permissible flight ‘bubble’ allowed by the CAA is 400 feet in height and and a maximum distance of 500m, subject to any local Air Traffic Control permissions. This allows for extensive scene or structural documentation that may otherwise be inaccessible. The observer/camera operator can also document height and distance of a structure obtained from the telemetry transmitted from the drone directly to the ground station. Please follow the link below to get an example of our capabilities: