Fire investigations UK

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Case managementWith experience in complex, high profile, politically sensitive and protracted incidents we can support an established fire investigation team or we can lead an investigation to its full conclusion, through to any court proceedings that may ensue. All of our investigators have experience at giving evidence in criminal, civil and Coroners Courts.

We have extensive experience of investigating serious fires involving fire fighter fatalities and other multiple fatalities, which have been led by the police to report to the Coroner. Working with Fire and Rescue Authorities, Police Services, the Health and Safety Executive, forensic service providers and other forensic insurance investigators, our experience in the field is unique within the private sector of fire investigation.

We also have experience in analysing witness statements in relation to fire investigations and can advise the relevant authority on what information may need to be asked of witnesses relating to a fire or explosion.

Early involvement, even giving initial advice remotely, can be critical to the success of complex investigations such as a fire or explosion investigation, helping to minimise any further adverse impact upon the organisation or authority. Fire Investigations (UK) Ltd will give constructive advice to any organisation, either in the public or private sectors, before being commissioned to conduct an investigation on their behalf.