Fire investigations UK

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Fire development

We can report on how and why the fire developed the way it did. The development of a fire can often be the most complicated phase of the incident as all the factors that have either influenced the fire’s growth (changing ventilation conditions and/or additional fuel involvement) or the fire’s suppression (fire fighting, fixed suppression systems and/or changing ventilation conditions) will need to be considered.

Our many years of experience in operational fire fighting activities has assisted us to lead many complex and/or high profile investigations within the area of fire development, allowing us to consider the impact of fire fighting operations, occupants’ behaviours and actions upon a fire’s development.

The commissioning of Computer Fire Modelling may be advised in more complex incidents and our investigators have much experience of working alongside competent computer fire modellers providing them with detailed time-lines and sequences of events to enable them to produce an accurate outcome.

We will provide a preliminary report of our initial findings within mutually agreed timescales or a full report, including the results of any fire tests or computer fire modelling outcomes that may need to be commissioned as soon as practicable following the investigation, allowing the client to act upon that information expeditiously.