Fire investigations UK

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Origin & Cause

Origin: The area where the fire or explosion initiated.

Cause: The ignition source and first fuel package to be ignited and the mechanism which brought them together (Definitions: NFPA 921)

We conduct a range of fire investigation services, including a ‘screening’ investigation which will enable us to give our client an overview of the potential outcomes of a full and thorough investigation and any associated costs.

We will determine the area of the origin of the fire and conduct any scene investigations as required. It is the information obtained at the fire scene which is paramount, in most cases, in determining the exact area of origin. Without this information it may be unlikely to conclude the accurate cause of the fire.

We will then identify the ignition source which would have had enough energy to have ignited a combustible material. This can only be done when the accurate area of origin has been determined. With many years of experience in examining fire scenes, we will then determine whether the mechanism which brought them together was by accident or design. Fires are often ‘staged’ to appear to be accidental, however, by conducting a full and thorough fire investigation using the scientific method it is possible to demonstrate that the ‘staged’ fire was, in fact, a deliberate act.

We can provide a preliminary report within mutually agreed timescales or a full report, including the results of any tests that may need to be commissioned as soon as practicable following the investigation, allowing the client to act upon that information expeditiously.