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Sophie Cartwright KC of Deans Court Chambers

I was instructed in a high profile case where a fire expert was required. My instructing solicitor had knowledge and experience of Peter Mansi as a leader in the field and recommended his instructions. From my own personal experience I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr Mansi as the most exceptional expert. A true expert in the field of fire and fire investigation, fire investigation management review. His clarity of understanding, depth of knowledge, hard work and investigative work and insight is truly outstanding.

A forensic approach that absolutely identified the key issues. No stone was left unturned in the investigatory and analytical steps. Meets and exceeds deadline targets. Makes himself available at short notice to undertake the instructions. Excellent report writing style and presentation of the investigatory material within a report. In short a first class expert who is the leader in this field. Hugely impressive and an expert that I would absolutely recommend.


I instructed Dr Peter Mansi and Fire Investigations UK to prepare a report for a client charged with Murder. The complex case included a report by the Crown supporting the charge and instructions from the client which did not match the evidence.

The detailed (Mansi) report provided an in-depth insight into the events that night and without doubt prevented a miscarriage of justice.

I found Dr Mansi a pleasure to work with and could not have done more to assist any queries we may have had during the preparation of the report. There will be no hesitation in instructing Dr Mansi in the future or recommending his services to others.

Cheryl Wozny

O’Reillys Solicitors
I represented a client in relation to a Fire at Wythenshawe Hall Manchester in 2016.   His report was excellent.   He was also available for any questions raised and always provided answers that were easy to understand by the lay person.   I cannot recommend Mike Burrows highly enough.

Duncan Patterson

I have had the pleasure of working alongside FIUK on various occasions. I have always found their scene investigations to be extremely thorough and I have found their conclusions to be balanced, considered and straightforward, which in turn allows the Insurer to be confident of the precise cause of the fire when determining their liability for the claim.

David Pinkney

Dear Chris [Clarke] Just a quick note to congratulate you on your report and findings at Blackpool.   The level of damage was such that we did not truthfully expect such a well refined and accurately determined cause. This gives us a strong chance of recovering insurers significant outlay here. Well done.

Brian Swan


Dear Bob [Milne],

Thank you for your help and thank you for doing the second report at such a late notice, which was a huge factor in the result [Arson case resulting in an acquittal].

William Paynter

In the summer of 2013 I instructed Robert Milne as a fire expert in an arson trial before Kingston-Upon-Thames Crown Court. The defendant was accused of starting two fires, a week apart, in her flat. Our defence in relation to the first fire was that her son had lit it and our defence in relation to the second fire was that it was an accident and she had fallen asleep whilst smoking and her bed had caught on fire. Both fires were investigated by highly experienced public sector Fire Investigation Officers. ln relation to the second fire the Fire Investigation Officers asserted there were multiple deliberate fire seats and that accelerant had been used. Mr Milne, both in his report and when giving evidence at trial before the Jury, was able to demonstrate why the Fire Investigation Officers’ conclusions were wrong both in terms of how they interpreted the evidence as well as being outdated in terms of applying the science. It also became apparent that the Fire Investigation Officers had not disclosed a further set of over one hundred photos of the second fire and when those were produced, Mr Milne rapidly analysed this further evidence mid-trial. The client was unanimously acquitted on both counts, which was no doubt very largely because of the thorough and credible work of Mr Milne, despite two Fire Investigation Officers purportedly being sure of her guilt.

Alan Jacobs – Partner

Peter and his team are the most “user friendly” experts I have ever used in 30 years+ of litigation experience. They are responsive, proactive and cost effective. They have delivered excellent results, on time and on budget. The depth and breadth of their experience in forensic fire investigation work is exceptional. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

David Croston – Managing Director

We have found that Dr Peter Mansi and his team manage to combine top quality technical skills, with a no fuss excellent service. In my view they are rapidly becoming the ‘go to’ firm for fire investigations.

Sarah Howard Cert CILA

I have used FIUK on numerous occasions to assist in establishing the cause of large and small fire claims. I am never disappointed at the level of service and detail within their reports. Their in depth investigation and extensive knowledge assists greatly in pursuing recoveries against the manufacturers of faulty appliances and installations, and similarly, actually identifying how the fire was started in the first place.

Jeremy Barton QC

‘Dr Mansi was instructed to write a report regarding possible causes of fire in an arson case which I defended in. The report from Dr Mansi was concise, easily understood and clear. It was a valuable tool for me in my cross-examination and certainly played a valuable part in securing an acquittal.

Dr Mansi reproduced his written evidence orally during the trial to great effect and was a first class expert witness. He spoke in simple ‘No nonsense’ language, which appealed (in my opinion) to the jury members all of whom seemed to appreciate his open nature and concise language. He was measured in approach, credible, calm when under scrutiny and appeared unflappable when cross-examined, sticking to his guns yet at the same time showing insight and balance. I found him a pleasure to work with (as did my instructing solicitors) and above all he was excellent at his job.

It is also correct to say that Dr Mansi worked well with another expert, Mr Acott, also a fire investigator. Mr Acott showed great knowledge and precision in his field and used this knowledge to demonstrate and support his and Dr Mansi’s hypothesis in a most positive fashion. His oral evidence was very technical yet was easily understood due to his common sense answers and confidence. The Jury liked him and he complimented his colleague and his evidence very well. I would certainly use both experts again in the future without hesitation’.

Mr Michael Quy

“Peter was a highly motivated Borough Commander in the London Fire Brigade, a true professional in every sense of the word and well respected by his peers. Peter is at the forefront of specialist fire investigation leading dedicated professionals, over the years and the key player on many extremely challenging cases.”

Mr R Whitaker

The calibre of investigation reports provided to me in a professional capacity by Mr Clarke were very thoroughly prepared, exploring every possible eventuality and working through in an objective manner towards offering me his expert opinion as to the cause of the fire and dealing with matters raised in an investigation of a potentially preventive nature.


In all cases, without exception, because of the thoroughness of the investigation and the expertise involved I was able to accept his evidence to help me conclude each individual case.

Vyto Babrauskas

I can highly recommend Peter as being an individual notably dedicated to the fire investigation profession.  He has devoted himself to technical activities within the field actively, not only in the UK but also the US.

Joseph Toscano

“Peter is a talented, knowledgeable and dedicated professional. His enthusiasm is contageous and his accomplishments are numerous. Peter has and continues to contribute his talents, time and tireless efforts towards enhancing the fire investigation profession globally. I am proud to call Peter my friend and colleague.”

Andrew Wade

“I have known Peter for many years; both as a practising fire investigator and in his role with the IAAI. In all his duties Peter performs them in a thoroughly professional manner; with enthusiasm, knowledge and an eye for detail. He is attentive, carefully listening to all sides, but knows how to lighten the moment. I have no hesitation in recommending Peter.”

James Munday

“I have known Peter since my days at the MPFSL. He is a dedicated, hard-working and exceptionally enthusisiatic fire investigator and ceaseless promoter of system improvements. He was largely responsible for the success of the IAAI-UK in its early days and is to be commended for pursuing better and more objective criteria to assess competence in fire investigation. I am pleased to call him a friend as well as a colleague.”