Fire investigations UK

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Jeremy Barton

‘Dr Mansi was instructed to write a report regarding possible causes of fire in an arson case which I defended in. The report from Dr Mansi was concise, easily understood and clear. It was a valuable tool for me in my cross-examination and certainly played a valuable part in securing an acquittal.

Dr Mansi reproduced his written evidence orally during the trial to great effect and was a first class expert witness. He spoke in simple ‘No nonsense’ language, which appealed (in my opinion) to the jury members all of whom seemed to appreciate his open nature and concise language. He was measured in approach, credible, calm when under scrutiny and appeared unflappable when cross-examined, sticking to his guns yet at the same time showing insight and balance. I found him a pleasure to work with (as did my instructing solicitors) and above all he was excellent at his job.

It is also correct to say that Dr Mansi worked well with another expert, Mr Acott, also a fire investigator. Mr Acott showed great knowledge and precision in his field and used this knowledge to demonstrate and support his and Dr Mansi’s hypothesis in a most positive fashion. His oral evidence was very technical yet was easily understood due to his common sense answers and confidence. The Jury liked him and he complimented his colleague and his evidence very well. I would certainly use both experts again in the future without hesitation’.