Fire investigations UK

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FI UK offer a new service to clients, Forensic Laser Scanning

Providing a service to investigative organisations, law enforcement agencies and consulting professionals, Fire Investigations (UK) has a team with many years of experience working worldwide accurately recording scenes to help facilitate speedy conclusions to forensic investigations.

Using state of the art technology, data can be precisely collected in a very speedy manner and a 3D visualisation/animation prepared. This greatly improves understanding by all who are responsible for making decisions following an investigation and helps reduce ambiguity.  A highly experienced and capable team of geomatic engineers and 3D technicians prepare the data working with the client.

This video briefly demonstrates the power of the technology and is a presentation of a test burn carried by FI-UK at BRE’s Burn Hall facility in Watford, UK.

The link, BRE Burn, takes you to the video of the fire testing on which the scanning is based.