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FI-UK supporting NAAD UK and NAAD21 launch

A great day at the NAAD UK meeting on Tuesday 12 October 2021 at the Copthorne Hotel near Windsor.

L-R James Acott (FI-UK) Marina Valentine (LFB) Me and Peter Reid (NAAD UK President) and the hard working NAAD-UK group around the table discussing all things ‘air ducting’.

We are looking forward to the launch of NAAD21 which really spells out what needs to be cleaned and checked with air and grease ductwork systems (and how to do it!).

NAAD-UK are making leaps into driving the air handling industry forward. It was also great to celebrate the 7th birthday of NAADUK, and to see everything that has been achieved by a dedicated group of professionals up to this point and planning what is still to be achieved. A draft of the NAAD21 guidance document for air handling systems including kitchen grease extraction has been submitted to 21 UK insurers for consultation, if any of our insurance contacts want to know more please contact

Well done to NAAD UK committee for all their hard work.

Insurers pay attention to this when it is published and contact FI-UK if you need any further information. FI-UK are very experienced in investigating fires involved in all types of air ducting systems, especially kitchen extract systems.