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Team members get IAAI Evidence Collection Technician qualification

Six members of the FI-UK team join Peter Mansi in achieving the International Association of Arson Investigators Evidence Collection Technician qualification.  Chris Clarke, John Galvin, Mike Flanagan, Chris Lowe, Neil Baugh and Stuart Spence all challenged the comprehensive practical examination at BRE on Friday 22 June 2012, their results were scrutinised by IAAI officials in the USA and they received news late last night that they had all passed.  Prior to the 7 hour practical examination each had to undertake 29 hours of tested online training in subjects such as, Ethics, DNA, Evidence examination, the Scientific Method and Documenting the fire scene.

The Evidence CollectionTechnician Program is designed to verify an applicant’s fundamental knowledge as measured against core job performance requirements of established professional qualifications standards  and standard industry practices related to evidence collection on fire scenes. This measurement is not all inclusive of the incorporated professional standards sited but lays the foundation for measuring the holder’s fundamental ability to perform specific evidence collection tasks related to fire scene investigation at an acceptable level as measured against published acceptable practices.